Board of Directors

The FACA board is responsible for managing the Association’s business and affairs. It is tasked with selecting its officers, making rules and regulations, establishing dues and hiring employees. In addition it is empowered to borrow money and incur debts in the name of and for the purposes of the Association. It is required to establish and maintain an Executive Committee, a Policy Committee, a Nominating Committee and a Road Committee. It may also establish, from time to time, an Audit and other committees as needed. All Board members must be members of the Association in good standing having paid their dues. All Board members are elected for a period of three years. Three Board members are elected each year at the Annual Meeting. Board members do not receive compensation, fees or salaries for their services as Directors or Officers.

Meetings of Board of Directors

Meetings are held the third Saturday of each month at 9:00 a.m. at the Fern Acres Community Center located at Pole #7 on Lehua Street. These meetings are open to the public. Attendance by FACA members is encouraged.


The President’s Forum

Welcome all! We hope you enjoy our web site and find it informative. If you have any questions send us an email at or call us at (808) 968-6006.

Our new website is up and running! We encourage everyone to use this resource and actively participate by providing input and constant feedback. Thanks to Alane Fieldson for the layout and design and to Blair Cooper for providing much of the content. In addition Blair volunteered to serve as webmaster.

The Firehouse construction is almost complete! All we need to pass final inspection is the paved driveway and an access ramp for disabled. Thanks to all those who donated their time, effort and money to this project….Signed Frank Commendador, President

Long Term Plans

  1. USPS cluster boxes for Fern Acres (on hold for short term as USPS declines to consider them at this time)
  2. Complete paving of all streets
  3. Establish a park on land to be acquired by FACA in the future

Short Term Plans / To Do

  1. “Community Clean Up Day”
  2. Road Work such as cold patching and grading has taken place but no chip sealing this year
  3. Complete paved driveway and handicap ramp to obtain County final approval of Firehouse garage